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Politics. Pandemics. Economic disruption. Social injustices. Climate crises. Privacy wars. Deep fakes.. Our theme, Design In Perilous Times, asks: “How do we destroy the poisonous paradigms seeping into all areas of our lives?”

We seek talks, panels, sessions, and workshops by individuals from all walks of life. From within and beyond the screen, we welcome a wide spectrum of interaction design insights — architects, managers, artists, service designers, communications experts, and, of course, interface and user experience folx.

The Interaction 21 team is available to support all speakers with coaching and reviewing of presentations. You are welcome to present in the language of your choice, and we will provide translation as required. Talks will be live captioned.


IxD21’s online format has the unique affordance of allowing presenters to share their insights anonymously. We welcome proposals that would otherwise not be presented on stage - be they delicate, controversial or simply better understood when presented anonymously.



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