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  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Implementing Ethics: Designing Trustworthy Experiences

    Carol Smith

    Learn UX methods to support and implement ethics in your work. You’ll learn and practice these methods to enable you and your team in more closely critiquing the work you do, and protect people from system misuse and abuse.

    workshop2 h
  • 03 Feb, 8:00 am

    Take a planet-centric approach with circular design toolkits

    Sylvie Daumal, Gabriella Cinque, Raphael Doyen, Natacha Hennocq

    Take a planet-centric approach with circular design methods and toolkits. Start now to reduce your impact and avoid digital nightmares with our workshop by @Lyoko4TW, @nattacha, @gabriellacinque at #IxD21

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Daily design steps towards preferable futures

    Sam Hoey, Emma-Sofie Kukkonen, Pablo Alaejos, Hannah Mills

    A practical framework and examples of how to begin the journey of embedding the lenses of sustainability, ethics and diversity into daily design practices.

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    The Change Management Game: a fast and fun exercise in applying design/thinking to digital transformation

    Mary Wharmby, Grace Ascuasiati

    This workshop will use a gamified dynamic to present an emerging design-oriented approach to change management. It will connect the parallel needs of top-down digital transformation with bottom-up employee empowerment.

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    De-centering as a Design Method: Developing Proactive Approaches to Anti-Racism at Every Step of the Design Process

    Sharon Bautista

    De-centering comes up often in conversations about anti-racism, but what does it mean in practice? Learn how to use de-centering proactively at every step of your team’s design process. #IxD21

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Designing for your future self

    Claudio Luis Vera, Marcelo Paiva

    As we age, all of us lose some of our vision, hearing, agility, and memory… If you could design for your future aging self, how would you address these challenges? Which technologies would you use? How would you design differently?

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Designing Design Systems

    Nathan Curtis

    Discover, design, and document a design system of visual style threaded through a library UI components.

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Doing Evidence-Based Analysis: Grounded Theory for Designers

    Rachel Ceasar

    A workshop on how to analyze and make sense of qualitative data for insights

    workshop4 h
  • 02 Feb, 4:00 pm

    Capturing Customer Context

    Cheryl Platz

    Build a stronger foundation for your work with an improv-inspired ethnographic storytelling framework.

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 8:00 pm

    Design Diplomacy

    Chris Ferguson

    Conflict is a necessary precursor of change, yet designers' idealism tends to get in the way. Learn from the diplomat's playbook how to navigate the messy political realities that are required to design impact at scale.

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 8:00 pm

    OnlyFans: Redesigning for Sex Work

    Brooke Bosley, Abby Golfo

    Let's redesign OnlyFans to be equitable of experiences of sex workers and other marginalized individuals.

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 8:00 pm

    Spa x Home: From Health-Centered Design to Designing Healing Rituals in a Pandemic

    Jenka Gurfinkel

    Designers are agents of public health. Whether we work on consumer apps or enterprise software, the choices we make directly affect the physical, mental, and social health of our users. How do we design experiences that promote a culture of health? This workshop will cover a health-centered design values framework, as well as a hands on, full-sensory, restorative ritual that combines new technology with ancient practices to nurture the longest relationship you’ll have in your life: the one with your body and mind.

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 8:00 pm

    Designing Anti-Racism

    Shanae Chapman

    Apply Design Thinking principles to create change and support equity.

    workshop2 h
  • 03 Feb, 1:00 am

    Express your design ideas realistically with ProtoPie

    Jenny Lee, Leah Han

    ProtoPie is more than just a prototyping tool. You can express ideas with our features via different platforms and hardware

    workshop4 h
  • 03 Feb, 8:00 am

    Forget artefacts. Design speculative lifeworlds instead!

    Giovanni Caruso, Angelica Fontana, Silvio Cioni

    Methods and tools for designing imagined worlds

    workshop2.5 h
  • 03 Feb, 8:00 am

    Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality

    Lenka Hamosova

    Crowd-sourcing the future scenarios for synthetic media

    workshop2 h
  • 02 Feb, 5:00 pm

    De-biasing designs with inclusive intention

    McKinsey Design

    How do our different identities shape the products and services we use today? Ultimately, to put innovation in the hands of all people, we must infuse inclusive practices into every phase of design and development.

    workshop3 h
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