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Interaction Week is a series of design events for the global interaction design community.

This year’s edition features:

Interaction 21

Our key focus. Join the brightest minds in Interaction design as we examine the perils that surround us.

Interaction Design Education Summit

Each year, we build on what we’ve learned from previous summits while maintaining our focus on advancing interaction design education across all levels of the career development path from early education to professional learning.

Student Design Charette

The Student Design Charette (SDC) champions the next generation of interaction design. We exist to promote design for good by new designers. To do this we bring together students & early professionals to tackle big challenges.

Interaction Awards 2021

Celebrate with us as we recognize some of the brightest minds in interaction design from around the world. The annual Interaction Awards ceremony format during Interaction 21 will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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