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Doing Evidence-Based Analysis: Grounded Theory for Designers

Rachel Ceasar

02 Feb, 4:00 pm

4 h

A workshop on how to analyze and make sense of qualitative data for insights


50 users. 75 hours of recorded interviews. 1250 pages of transcripts. Sometimes a Post-it-note analysis just doesn’t cut it. When shifting through tons of data, grounded theory methods can be a helpful tool to systematically organize and make sense of it. This workshop will introduce you to a powerful analytical method for documenting research decisions in a way that is transparent, reflexive, and rigorous.

Meet the speaker

Rachel Ceasar


Researcher at Culture of Health & Tech Consulting

Rachel Carmen Ceasar, PhD, is an UX researcher working at the intersection of health, technology, and design. Her work and research examine the impact of cultures and systems on how people navigate and negotiate their health and wellbeing. She's the founder of Culture of Health+Tech Consulting a womxn-owned research and design firm in Los Angeles that helps people understand culturally-responsive approaches to health and tech issues. Rachel is also a public health researcher and educator in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the USC Keck School of Medicine where she studies the impact of cannabis, vaping, and opioid use.

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