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Designing Design Systems

Nathan Curtis

02 Feb, 4:00 pm

4 h

Discover, design, and document a design system of visual style threaded through a library UI components.


Design systems are expanding in organizations, spreading design and code across product teams and influencing decision-making at higher and higher levels. This scale requires an architecture of thoughtful design that you can weave through code and tools that endure over time. Designers must be rigorous and meticulous, because their visual style, UI components and UX patterns work ultimately targets a large, diverse community.

This workshop exposes you to essential and rigorous steps in a designer’s workflow. We’ll dig deep into how designers can propose, design, document, and package features for others to reuse. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped with techniques, activities, and a mindset to harden, spread, and sustain a system yourself.

Sessions will engage participants in compelling lecture (with embedded quizzes and games!) and hands-on activities, spark new ideas and moderate group conversations.

Meet the speaker

Nathan Curtis


Design systems consultant at EightShapes

I co-founded EightShapes, a UX and design systems agency, with Dan Brown in 2006. I'm passionate about information architecture, UX, front-end dev, and leads design systems consulting at EightShapes. I wrote Modular Web Design in 2009, write regularly on EightShapes' @components publication (also published on, and speak regularly at events worldwide.

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