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Express your design ideas realistically with ProtoPie

Jenny Lee, Leah Han

03 Feb, 1:00 am

4 h

ProtoPie is more than just a prototyping tool. You can express ideas with our features via different platforms and hardware

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We believe that every designer has creative ideas. However, knowing how to express those ideas with the right tool makes a good designer different from a mediocre. This is why ProtoPie was born; to provide a comprehensive and effective, yet simple tool so that designers can freely express their ideas in the right way. Especially, it is our core belief that ideas should be expressed in detail with minimum technical limitations. Thus, we developed features such as no code creation, hi-fi prototyping, intuitive concept model, and real-time testing on multiple devices, supporting every designer regardless of their skills.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for any designers who want to express their ideas in a more convincing way. In particular, those who are aiming to add interactions while building a design system and thus, looking for an easy-to-learn interactive prototyping tool will get the most out of this workshop. Essentially, we hope to enable designers to test their ideas for many different industries such as automobile, gaming, finance, and many more.


We will first begin with introducing ProtoPie and explaining briefly how it can help designers to freely express their ideas. We will specifically focus on ProtoPie's unique and intuitive concept model, objects+triggers+responses =interaction. After explaining the three components, we will go through how to apply this unique model in a designer's work environment. The emphasis will be to show that objects(designs) can be imported from major design tools, namely Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch. Moreover, it will be emphasized that not only simple triggers and responses but also sophisticated formulas and variables are available for meticulous attention to detail. On top of that, users can enjoy input, keyboard, camera, sensor, voice, and multi-finger functions to make their prototypes even more intriguing. More importantly, we will demonstrate how prototypes actually work on real phones, tablets, the web, and multiple devices in real-time, connecting different platforms and hardware. Lastly, we will conclude the workshop by explaining the interaction recipe and ProtoPie Cloud which enables designers to collaborate with other teams in a more efficient and convenient way.

Meet the speakers

Jenny Lee


Product Designer, ProtoPie

Jenny is a Product Designer at ProtoPie. She loves to work with her team based on her design, thoughts, and prototyping to build stronger communications that lead to performance. Currently, she is in charge of constructing the whole experience of ProtoPie and delivering visual solutions out to users.

Leah Han


Customer Engagement Director, ProtoPie

Leah is a Customer Engagement Director at ProtoPie. As an official ProtoPie teacher, she loves to share her knowledge and experiences on how to use ProtoPie to our users. She has experiences in hosting ProtoPie workshops at international companies such as Amazon, Google and Alibaba.

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