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Forget artefacts. Design speculative lifeworlds instead!

Giovanni Caruso, Angelica Fontana, Silvio Cioni

03 Feb, 8:00 am

2.5 h

Methods and tools for designing imagined worlds


Today, more and more individuals, communities, and organizations recognize design practices as essential to the way they live and thus as an important vector for cultural debate and social change. In the last years, we have witnessed to the spreading of speculative and futures-oriented practices at the convergence of design and futures studies (mainly Speculative Design, Design Fiction and Experiential Futures) that can help practitioners to widen their design perspectives, and extend their toolbox for designing alternative futures beyond user-centered approach.

More recently a new approach has been introduced to underline how Speculative Design and Design Fiction can be used to more explicitly focus on and design the broader social, technical, and political worlds in which speculative artefacts exist. This approach uses the concept of <em>lifeworld</em> of speculative artefacts to go beyond immediate moments of use, and explore the different impacts of technologies as well as the maintenance and repair operations required to keep these artefacts working. Drawing from this perspective, the workshop aims at experimenting some design techniques to help practitioners and researchers design imaginaries for speculative artefacts.

By exploring speculative design and design fiction practices and moving from the centricity of the artefact to adopt the lenses of speculative lifeworlds, participants will learn to stretch their thinking and experiment a new approach to focus on rituals, politics, cultural and social conditions supporting speculative imaginaries.

Who is it for?

All audience


The workshop provides an hands-on experience of a speculative design approach that moves the focus of design from artefacts to relationships and lifeworlds. By provoking participants to explore an alternative approach, the workshop aims at enabling them to experiment with a systemic perspective for futures-oriented design challenges.

Meet the speakers

Giovanni Caruso


Interaction Designer at Accenture

Italian, based in Milan. I am currently Interaction Designer at Accenture Applied Intelligence. I am co-founder and chapter leader of Speculative Futures Milan – the Italian chapter of the global Speculative Futures community. In a previous life, I got a Ph.D. in Media & Game Studies.

Angelica Fontana, Silvio Cioni


Lead Designer, Executive Design Director, Sketchin

Angelica Fontana, Italian, based in Milan. I am currently Design Lead at Sketchin design studio, Lugano CH. I am lecturer in Service Design and Design Futures at Naba and Domus Academy Milano and co-author of futurish cards, a generative card deck that can be used to envision future scenarios and artefacts. Silvio Cioni, Interaction & Service Design Director. Italian, based in Milan. Ph.D. in Telematics and Information Society. I am currently Executive Design Director at Sketchin design studio, CH. I am lecturer in Interaction Design, Service Design and Design Futures at Naba and Domus Academy Milano and co-author of futurish cards, a generative card deck for envisioning scenarios and artefacts from the future. I am also co-organizer of Speculative Futures Milan and APF member.

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