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Designing for your future self

Claudio Luis Vera, Marcelo Paiva

02 Feb, 4:00 pm

4 h

As we age, all of us lose some of our vision, hearing, agility, and memory… If you could design for your future aging self, how would you address these challenges? Which technologies would you use? How would you design differently?


For at least 20 years, designers and engineers have been encouraged to create solutions to only attend to the 80% users that are the most abled, as businesses focus on the highest return on investment.

But as we age, we pick up disabilities and those solutions become less suited for us.

Traditional software design and engineering practices are now looking for new ways to address challenges, such as accessibility, aging, gender inequality, sexual preference, racial divides, cultural diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

As the emerging markets introduce the next billion users (NBU) into the World Wide Web, the urgency for creating inclusive solutions FOR ALL becomes even more important.

Whether the remaining 20% of users are people with disabilities or people living under socio-economic challenges, this workshop will illustrate that accessibility drives inclusivity. Still, we need to go beyond disability guidelines to master better Inclusive Design practices, such as cultural awareness in internationalization, gender preferences, and even technological barriers.

This workshop will review that adopting essential inclusive design practices leads to a better outcome, higher user adoption, fewer customer support escalations, better sales conversion, and more productive and motivated teams from inception to the deployment.


  • How to write inclusive user stories?
  • How to design - and write tests - for keyboard interactions?
  • How to communicate Accessibility requirements properly?
  • How to test for inclusivity early in the design process?
  • How to design for offline, slow, and intermittent connectivity?

Regardless of the digital medium, each team member has an equal share of responsibility for defining and executing better inclusive practices in the product life-cycle.

Meet the speakers

Claudio Luis Vera


Accessibility Leader, Author, Analyst

Claudio is a community leader that came to accessibility after a successful career in UX design and front-end development. His goal is to make accessibility mainstream and inclusion a part of everyday life."

Marcelo Paiva


UX Manager, Community Leader

Marcelo Paiva is a Brazilian product designer, working in the USA for the past 25 years. He's currently a UX Manager for UKG (, a community leader and one of most active speakers in the South Florida design community. He's always happy to share his knowledge from over 15 years of building efficient design teams, solving complex systems challenges, and developing thoughtful expertise to foster modern design systems practices in Agile development environments for mobile and web applications.

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