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The Intersection of Design and Public Safety

Lexie Spiro

03 Feb, 9:20 pm

04 Feb, 5:20 am

04 Feb, 1:20 pm

25 min

We believe the power of great design can make the world safer. 911 call takers, dispatchers, and first responders have some of the toughest jobs in the world- on a normal day. Their jobs are only growing more complex as agencies face global pandemics, searing wildfires, and deteriorating trust with the communities they serve. The UX team at Motorola Solutions is re-imagining how public safety works.


In this talk, we will explore the unique challenges of designing for public safety- the people, goals, contexts and environments that make up the public safety journey. We'll discuss strategies for how we design for these unique challenges- how we continuously learn, ideate, and measure to create new and better outcomes public safety organizations and the public they serve.

Meet the speaker

Lexie Spiro


Senior Director of User Experience at Motorola Solutions

I am the Senior Director of User Experience at Motorola Solutions. I lead the design and research teams responsible for creating a suite of products that spans the entire public safety workflow, including 911 call-taking, tools for first responders, community engagement, evidence management, and investigations. I joined Motorola in 2006 to design advanced-concept mobile computers, data capture devices and wearable technology for various industries, including warehousing, transportation and logistics, retail, and healthcare. Over the last four years I have worked to shift Motorola Solutions from a technology company towards a design-led company.

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