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But I'm one of the "Good Ones": Anti-harassment education for people who don’t think it’s a problem.

Hannelore McElheny

03 Feb, 5:00 pm

04 Feb, 1:00 am

04 Feb, 9:00 am

30 min

No fewer than ~ 40% of women and ~15% of men have experienced sexual harassment at work. But who is harassment prevention training actually for?


Harassment and discrimination is rampant in our culture with ~40% of women and ~15% of men experiencing sexual harassment at work. And yet, when you ask folks what their biggest problems in the workplace are, harassment rarely comes up. Let’s explore an approach to education and allyship to address these issues using (of all things) humor, humility and cat gifs.

Who is it for?

All Audience


Meet the speaker

Hannelore McElheny


VP of Design at Ethena

Hannelore is VP of Design at Ethena, where we develop nuanced and engaging harassment prevention training. For the last six years her work has centered around anti-bias in design. Before joining Ethena, she worked with law enforcement agencies to remove bias from their digital product interfaces.

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