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Digital Lean thinking inside Education

Alessandra Rosa

04 Feb, 4:55 pm

05 Feb, 12:55 am

05 Feb, 8:55 am

30 min

Good education is expensive and only possible in person? try to teach with a pandemic at the small cities countryside of the Brazil.


In this case I will present the work of a digital transformation project for a network of free education and social biases, with coverage in the less favored cities of Brazil. The work started in January 2019 was based on fundamentalizing and acculturing all members of the education area in the Lean Digital model - like a teachers, pedagogical coordinators, nutritionists, social workers, etc.

Today, with the pandemic, I will present the experience of working with education with social distance. I will present how culture has solidified and has advanced the transformation of education.

I want to present the result of 1 year of work within an education network that opened the mind to be agile in education

Who is it for?

All Audience


Meet the speaker

Alessandra Rosa


UX Designer Specialist

I’m a Human Computer Interaction specialist, Social Communication bachelor and Marketing Technologist. I have been working almost 10 years mostly in the field of UX and Interaction Designer with digital solutions for different areas (mining, educational, banking, news, health, agribusiness and research).

I’m always looking for new challenges and innovative human centered solutions. Passionate about using technology to solve real problems and creating value for the user.

I am passionate about understanding the process of thinking and interaction of woman with the machine, how technology and innovations impact people's lives and how they relate

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