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How to lead a team in perilous times ?

Alberta Soranzo, Jenny Shirey

04 Feb, 8:50 pm

05 Feb, 4:50 am

05 Feb, 12:50 pm

30 min

There is no playbook for a pandemic. The coronavirus is turning out to be a critical leadership stress test. What does good leadership look like in a time of crisis?


Team leaders have an important role in ensuring the well-being of their team. In these unprecedented times, a good team leader has never been more important and at the same time has never been as challenged. How does a team that can’t get together, stay together?

This brilliant roundtable brings two amazing women leaders, Alberta Soranzo and Jenny Shirey together to present their ideas and engage in a conversation with the audience.

Meet the speakers

Alberta Soranzo


Group Head of Customer Experience, Vodafone Business Group

As Group Head of Customer Experience, Alberta focuses on the creation and delivery of future-friendly services and outcomes that are rooted in systemic understanding and deliver value to both business and customers. She is unafraid of challenging conventions and driven by the opportunity to make a real impact. Alberta puts people at the heart of her design process and contends that one should always under-promise and over-deliver. In her natural habitat, she’s sitting on the floor surrounded by bits of paper and post-its, standing in front of a whiteboard with a handful of markers, or listening intently before asking the next question Prior to Vodafone, Alberta was a design director at Lloyds Banking Group, experience design director at digital agencies in London, Sydney and Cape Town, and she spent over a decade at UCLA in Los Angeles heading engineering and design. She has a long track record of leading strategic projects for global brands, including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, RBS, BUPA, The Co-operative Group, EDF, Nuffield Health and T.Rowe Price.

Jenny Shirey


UX Consultant

Jenny is a UX designer and coach who specializes in helping designers grow and partnering with teams to create more human-centered B2B products. She’s led design teams in multiple companies in San Francisco and Denmark, including Citrix, Trustpilot, and Splunk, before starting her own solo consulting practice. Since 2014 she has also introduced undergraduate students to her love of design by teaching UX courses at University of California Berkeley and California College of the Arts. Outside of work, Jenny gets excited about crossword puzzles, eating dim sum, and walking along the waterfront of her home in San Francisco.

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