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How design communities can address social inequalities, racism and homophobia?

Rebecca Brooker, Max Masure, Pablo Stanley, Mitzi Okou

04 Feb, 9:40 pm

05 Feb, 5:40 am

05 Feb, 1:40 pm

30 min

We invite you to be inspired by these fascinating design leaders who are breaking down barriers, driving change and transforming our industry. This panel will address the challenges of bias and social inequality in Design, share learnings on how to dismantle toxic systems and identify communal resources to sustain involvement.


Let’s explore the invisible violence in which we all take part in our community—and then practise conscientious compassion towards others. What advancements are needed to create immediate and lasting progress in the community?

These discussions will direct our actions and inspire our participants and partners to act now.

This panel is moderated by Brendal Laurel. Brenda Laurel is an independent scholar working in computer games, media theory, and Gaian Systems.

Who is it for?

All Audience


Meet the speakers

Rebecca Brooker, Max Masure


Senior Designer, MediaMonks

Rebecca Brooker is a queer Trinidadian designer, currently based in Buenos Aires. She is the co-founder of Queer Design Club and runs her own freelance practice, Planthouse Studio. She is also a Senior Designer at MediaMonks. After studying design at St. John’s University in Queens, she went on to work with clients like Compass, Thinkful, Bloomberg QuickTake, Gloveworx, Axios, and several small businesses focused on growth. Rebecca enjoys building communities of creatives—bringing them together to form connections and spark new opportunities.

Max Masure (they/them) is a Design Strategist, Author, and Coach. They believe in ethics, human-nature centered design, community-led initiatives, and liberation of under-respected communities. They are a public speaker and regularly talk about trans inclusion, inner power, ethics, and transformative culture. They are releasing “Wake The F*ck Up: A 8-Step Workbook To Reclaim Our Inner Power” in 2021.

Pablo Stanley, Mitzi Okou


Cofounder, Blush

A doodler turned CEO

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