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Decentralization of Silicon Valley

Haraldur Thorleifsson, Sylvain Carle

03 Feb, 9:50 pm

04 Feb, 5:50 am

04 Feb, 1:50 pm

30 min

How has saving the world moved beyond the hands of tech giants? We invite you for this challenging yet enlightening panel to discuss how recent global events have impacted the supremacy of Silicon Valley.


This exceptional panel brings two worlds together : Twitter Design Director Haraldur Thorleifsson and Second Muse Senior Director Sylvain Carle. They will tackle questions that are on everybody’s tongue : Is our collective belief in the power of technology the savior in the face of challenges? Can we count on the tech giants to address the problems they’ve created? And ultimately Does the Valley Matter anymore?

This panel is moderated by Vyara Ndejuru. Vyara Ndejuru is a Marketing Executive, Branding, Start-up advisor and Community Builder.

Meet the speakers

Haraldur Thorleifsson


Dir. of Design, Twitter

Founder of Ueno (a design studio Twitter recently acquired), loving dad, from Iceland.

Sylvain Carle


Senior Director, SecondMuse

Sylvain Carle has spent the last 25 years thinking, writing, building, and investing in emerging technologies. Though he didn’t study computer science, Sylvain has been hacking with computers forever, and spent most of his career as a startup entrepreneur at the confluence of media, technology, data and networks.

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