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An Indigenous perspective to collaboration, experience, community and interaction: Designing 4 impacts!

Odile Joannette

04 Feb, 4:20 pm

05 Feb, 12:20 am

05 Feb, 8:20 am

45 min


Meet the speaker

Odile Joannette


Indigenous Canadian activist Member of the Innue community of Pessamit, Quebec's North Coast

Odile Joannette is a unifier. She uses her voice to uphold and promote the rights of Indigenous Peoples and strives to break the barriers of accessibility, promote Indigenous resurgence and increase Indigenous social and societal participation. Passionate, resilient and dedicated, she works toward building bridges between Peoples, Nations and generations. Her ease and ability to explain indigenous values, issues and realities, effectively raises awareness, mobilizes and inspires people to work towards changes and decolonization.

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