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  • 04 Feb, 4:00 pm

    05 Feb, 12:00 am

    05 Feb, 8:00 am

    Morning show

  • 03 Feb, 11:30 pm

    04 Feb, 7:30 am

    04 Feb, 3:30 pm

    Closing remarks

  • 04 Feb, 4:55 pm

    05 Feb, 12:55 am

    05 Feb, 8:55 am

    Q&A with Odile Joanette

  • 03 Feb, 4:55 pm

    04 Feb, 12:55 am

    04 Feb, 8:55 am

    Digital Lean thinking inside Education

    Alessandra Rosa

    Good education is expensive and only possible in person? try to teach with a pandemic at the small cities countryside of the Brazil.

    roundtable30 min
  • 04 Feb, 5:10 pm

    05 Feb, 1:10 am

    05 Feb, 9:10 am

    How "seamless interaction" drives inequality

    Sophie Taylor

    Designers strive for "seamless interaction"; an impossibly efficient user journey where the user achieves their goal without noticing the technology that brought them there. But how might UX Designers be leaving users blinded to the technology they’re engaging with? And what kind of exploitation does that leave them vulnerable to?

    talk15 min
  • 04 Feb, 5:30 pm

    05 Feb, 1:30 am

    05 Feb, 9:30 am

    Carbon-Conscious Design: The impact of UX practices on energy efficiency and carbon footprint

    Sanchit Soni

    There is a definite relationship between energy consumption and its impact on the environment as a whole. Out of this, billions of personally held electronic devices consume a lot of energy. Overall energy consumption of individual devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers is entirely dependent on how web and mobile applications are developed which is basically governed by how these applications are designed. This talk would be about how web and mobile design decisions can have an overall impact on world’s energy consumption pattern.

    talk15 min
  • 04 Feb, 5:50 pm

    05 Feb, 1:50 am

    05 Feb, 9:50 am

    IxDA Speaks

  • 04 Feb, 6:00 pm

    05 Feb, 2:00 am

    05 Feb, 10:00 am

    Teletherapy During the Covid Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

    Diane Schiano

    The covid pandemic pushed psychotherapists across the US to remote practice. This talk tells a fascinating story of diverse and contextualized adaptation to a variety of teletherapy tools. Challenges and opportunities for both psychotherapy and interaction design are discussed.

    talk15 min
  • 04 Feb, 6:15 pm

    05 Feb, 2:15 am

    05 Feb, 10:15 am

    Design built tools that broke journalism. Can we also build tools to fix it?

    Catherine Woodiwiss

    Thoughts and tips for a design practice that supports and empowers the journalism of tomorrow

    talk15 min
  • 04 Feb, 6:30 pm

    05 Feb, 2:30 am

    05 Feb, 10:30 am

    Aligning Teams with Choreography

    Séamus Byrne

    In his talk, Séamus highlights the biggest obstacles to team integration and how to choreograph teams in 4 steps by using his "Team Alignment Canvas".

    talk25 min
  • 04 Feb, 7:00 pm

    05 Feb, 3:00 am

    05 Feb, 11:00 am

    Lunch show

  • 04 Feb, 4:10 pm

    05 Feb, 12:10 am

    05 Feb, 8:10 am

    An Indigenous perspective to collaboration, experience, community and interaction: Designing 4 impacts!

    Odile Joanette

    keynote45 min
  • 04 Feb, 8:10 pm

    05 Feb, 4:10 am

    05 Feb, 12:10 pm

    Argument for creating with climate

    Gaurav Patekar

    How can we use climate data to create art and design to foster climate literacy

    talk15 min
  • 04 Feb, 8:25 pm

    05 Feb, 4:25 am

    05 Feb, 12:25 pm

    Designing for Trust in the Post-Truth Era

    Jonathan Brown

    Do people trust the news because it's factual?

    talk25 min
  • 04 Feb, 8:50 pm

    05 Feb, 4:50 am

    05 Feb, 12:50 pm

    How to lead a team in perilous times ?

    Alberta Soranzo, Jenny Shirey

    There is no playbook for a pandemic. The coronavirus is turning out to be a critical leadership stress test. What does good leadership look like in a time of crisis?

    roundtable30 min
  • 04 Feb, 8:55 pm

    05 Feb, 4:55 am

    05 Feb, 12:55 pm

    Designing Nature — The role of Interaction Design in Life Sciences

    Yasaman Sheri

    talk25 min
  • 04 Feb, 9:25 pm

    05 Feb, 5:25 am

    05 Feb, 1:25 pm

    Montréal shorts

    A selection of short films by and about Montreal filmmakers

  • 04 Feb, 9:45 pm

    05 Feb, 5:45 am

    05 Feb, 1:45 pm

    How design communities can address social inequalities, racism and homophobia?

    Rebecca Brooker, Pablo Stanley

    We invite you to be inspired by these fascinating design leaders who are breaking down barriers, driving change and transforming our industry. This panel will address the challenges of bias and social inequality in Design, share learnings on how to dismantle toxic systems and identify communal resources to sustain involvement.

    panel30 min
  • 04 Feb, 10:25 pm

    05 Feb, 6:25 am

    05 Feb, 2:25 pm

    Student Design Charette - Introduction

  • 04 Feb, 10:30 pm

    05 Feb, 6:30 am

    05 Feb, 2:30 pm

    Qc History X: design in the fight against slavery and the erasure of history


    keynote45 min
  • 04 Feb, 11:15 pm

    05 Feb, 7:15 am

    05 Feb, 3:15 pm

    Q&A with Webster

  • 04 Feb, 8:00 pm

    05 Feb, 4:00 am

    05 Feb, 12:00 pm

    Afternoon show

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