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Design in
perilous times

31 Jan - 5 Feb 2021
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For the first time in its history, Interaction Week will be happening online in 2021. This year we go global, around-the-clock and more accessible than ever. We need you ready to solve the problems of our generation. Buckle up — this will be one for the books!

Join us for Interaction Week 2021! Engage in conversations about the perils in our world today, what led us to this place and inspiring solutions to dramatically change our path forward. Our amazing speakers will delve into the themes of anger, accountability, and action. We can’t wait to meet you.

Grow your passion for learning and educating, explore how design learning is even more transdisciplinary.

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Join the best designers and learn hands on.

Workshop schedule

The main event. Enjoy three days of content, delivered to you in your timezone. Complete with real time networking and unique opportunities to socialize, listen to experts and join conversations to reshape our changing relations with ourselves, our objects, the environment, and the society as a whole.

Conference schedule

Are you passionate about growing your local community? Join us in a one day retreat.

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Demonstrate your skills in the design charette and learn from amazing mentors.

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The annual Interaction Awards celebrate design thought leadership and innovation around the globe.

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*Dates shown may vary based on your timezone.

A whole new experience

Setting our theme pre-pandemic involved unforeseen foreshadowing. We've crafted Interaction21 as an online-first event to be a unique and epic virtual experience. Expect the same level of high quality curated professional content delivered to you in the most engaging ways. Learn more by perusing our FAQs.

Connecting with people

With expert roundtable discussions, live Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, group evening activities and social events, we've carefully considered how to best provide opportunities for connections to be made.

Helping you focus

Our 8-hour single stream of content has shorter talks and more cognitive breaks balancing live and recorded material helping you immerse yourself into the conference without the pressures of FOMO.

Program localization

Our curated program will stream for 3 different regions: the Americas, Europe-Middle-East-Africa, & Asia-Pacific. No matter where you are in the world, you can conveniently tune into IxD21 from your region.

Quality content

The programming embodies our theme with talks and sessions from global leaders in our industry and companies around the world. We have a full production and programming team to ensure a clear broadcast and highly professional, relevant content.

Entertainment & swag

In collaboration with our partners, we’ll make sure you can conveniently learn about them, as well as get your hands on physical swag and digital goodies. Also, keep an eye on frequent breaks throughout the day where we’ll be hosting a variety of entertaining content.

Advancing our profession

Without your support, we wouldn't have a platform to showcase amazing talent and thought leaders. Interaction Week provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to take an active role in our global community.

COVID-19 Update

As we continue to monitor and navigate the realities of COVID-19, we understand the Canadian government anticipates social distancing, travel restrictions, and other measures will be extended well into 2021.

Given this information, we’ve made the decision it is in the best interest of our health and the health of our loved ones to transform Interaction 21 into an online event.

The team is working to make Interaction 21 a unique and unforgettable experience, just as all other Interaction events have been. We will continue to update you here with the latest information, as the situation progresses.

If you have questions, please see our FAQs, or get in touch with us.

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